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JT's November consumption

Hello everyone, Ive decided to start letting you know what I may be watching/reading/listening to after a few listeners asked about it. Like everyone I have some stock content I always try and follow but I am always on the lookout for additional content.

Each month going forward I am going to highlight some content that I think is worth checking out so without further adieu here we go.




I was recently a guest on Russell's show and we had a great conversation, from ghosts to UFO's and all kinds of other topics. Hangar18Radio focuses on UFO related content so if that is what you enjoy you will deffinately enjoy the content.

Xander & Stone Science & Supernatural

Ive had some great conversations with Xander via instagram and you can tell that he has a great passion for the same subject matter as The Paranormal Son. The latest episode of the program is about the blackeyed kids I have not had a chance to listen but that will be crossed off my list tonight.


Content Pages

Badgerland Legends

If you enjoyed my massive two episode on some of the strange and paranormal things in Illinois (if you havent go back and listen to epsiodes 8 & 10 of Season 2) then Jeff's page will be right up your alley. Each day Jeff covers a new myth,legend or interesting factual story from the state of Wisconsin, its an awesome topic and a great format. Jeff has also been a big supporter of TPS so make sure to head over to his page and say hello

Mysteries of the world

Creating content as my friend Scott at the old 77 says "its not a career its a calling." this page is great and I enjoy the information posted there, a good deal is from reddit and its great to have someone collecting these great posts and sharing them. There is also other content, another long time supporter of TPS so make sure you check it out



Sinister coffee and creamery

Those of you who know my story know that I am from the Pacific Northwest and so I have a softspot for people from there. Sinister has an awesome buisness model, Organic small batch roasted coffee and Hand Rolled Ice cream. I love the names of the coffee; from APPARITION Full Body Roast to CLAIRVOYANT Light Roast. One day when shipping is more reasonable I will deffinately give it a try



The Lovecraft Code

Ive been a big fan of HP Lovecraft's for many years and so when I saw it in my library seach I had to check it out. Peter Levenda is an author I've heard interviewed on a few programs and so I felt this would be something for me, it was! If you like HPL, historic mysteries and suspence I think you will enjoy it

Ive got 3 more books all lined up to read and im halfway through another Ill update you once I have read these so i can give you a fair appraisal

Take care and let me know if there are any you suggest

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