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More than 35 years as a student of the unexplained and I had never heard of this......

When you think of Pyramids, what comes to mind? Egypt? Numibia?

If you search deeper you may say Mexico or Central America, correct?

Search deeper still and you may think of China.

What if I told you this photo of a step pyramid is from.... France. Yes, France home of the Eifel Tower and the Arc D' Triumph.

This Pyramid stood near Nice until 1973 before it was completely destroyed to make way for a motorway interchange. This Pyramid was estimated to be over 1,000 years older than the pyramids at Giza in Egypt. Many more talented minds than mine have long felt that there has been a structured, systematic effort to destroy any artifact (or in this case man made mountain) that does not fit the preordained script......

I will be doing more research on this and hopefully will dedicate a future show to the subject, just goes to show you learn something knew everyday.......

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