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The case for reincarnation

One of the most common claims sceptics make about reincarnation is that “No one is ever a farmer or a labourer in a former life, they are always royalty or someone famous.”

What happens when a 5-year-old boy claims that he was from Hollywood in another life? When photos were provided for him to look at, why did he say that in a former life he was an uncredited extra in a movie as opposed to one of the stars in the same photo?

How did he know that this “extra” travelled the world and danced on Broadway? How did he know that this person had been to Paris and New York? How did he know that this person had a sister even his family didn’t know about and was only uncovered after investigation?

Why did a small child

state that “I don’t know why God would let you spend 61 years on this earth only to send you back as a baby”, The person in the former life was listed as 59 on his death certificate after further investigation census and birth records showed, you guessed it he was actually 61…….

Over 50 points of corresponding information was later documented most of which were not public record, how did Ryan know so much about Marty Martins life?

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