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The Old 77 podcast

We don’t get very far in life without the support of others I firmly believe and one of the earliest supporters of The Paranormal Son and The Fortunate Son were the team at the Old 77 podcast.

Scott, Matt and Dave are great people and when I listen to their podcast its like listening in on a few good buddies pondering life and all the experiences that make up the journey.

Recently I was asked if I would like to join the team for an episode and have a bit of a "fireside chat" I really enjoyed the experience and was honoured to be asked it was just as much fun as it sounds like on the episode.

If you are looking for a podcast which is down to earth, fun and covers a vast array of topics look no further that the Old 77

The Episode I was on is Episode 18 and below is a link to the program on Spotify (but you can find it anywhere fine podcasts are available).

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