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The Pollock Twins

Two sisters are tragically struck down when a car runs them down on a sidewalk. The father of the twins is adamant that they will be born back into the family.

The following year his wife was pregnant, and he was adamant that she would have twins. She thought he was imagining things and her doctor said that she was only going to have 1 child, but low and behold she did indeed have identical twin daughters.

As time went on the sisters had several interesting occurrences of what may have been a glimpse into a former life, what is the truth to this case?

Was it due to parental impression where the parents were so grief stricken that they subconsciously influenced the twins? Was it a case of other family members coaching them? Was it the twins subconsciously picking up on the families deep seated grief and longing for the return of the sisters? Or maybe, just maybe it was something more.

Join JT on the latest episode of The Paranormal Son where, as always you decide where the evidence leads.

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