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The strange case of Maurice Masse

When you look at this artist’s sketch what do you think of?

Looks like something straight of a 1950’s sci-fi paperback doesn’t it? Now picture yourself in the shoes of French resistance fighter Maurice Masse. Something has been damaging your Lavender crop, one morning while you are smoking a cigarette you hear and see what appears to be a helicopter landing in your field and 2 occupants stomping around and damaging your livelihood!

You approach them to give them a piece of your mind (You fought the SS what are a couple of helicopter crewmen correct?). As you approach the “helicopter” you realize you could not be more wrong about what you have seen and within seconds you find yourself paralyzed unable to do anything except watch……..

Join JT on the latest episode of The Paranormal Son, where he covers this astounding case and as always much more, out now.

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