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View from the rearview mirror

For whatever reason lately ive been very nostalgic, I have found myself thinking about some of the places I've been, some of the people i miss who have left this world and some regrets (we all have them). Sometimes when you have a storm wash over you its a good strategy to lean into it, be agressive and let it carry on past you.

Today when I got up and went outside to soak up some sun I listened to several songs that I knew would trigger certain scenes in my life and let the emotions wash over me. I am glad I did I feel better for it although a bit drained emotionally.

Why am I sharing this? Because we all have things like this we deal with on a daily basis, its ok to think of the past just dont pack up and move into the past because it wont do you any good. If anything is part of "the Human condition" this is.

Have a great weekend everyone

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