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Canada's Roswell

Lights in the sky, lights on the water, a strange yellowish foam, a Soviet submarine, a US naval flotilla, a top secret US base and a week long surveilence operation of an underwater object at the height of the cold war. If it sounds like the plot of a hollywood spy thriller, now you know why generations of UFO investigators have been enthralled by the Shag Harbour encounter, the late Stanton Friedman was a big proponent of the case and was quoted as saying this about UFO's; “I have never seen a flying saucer, and I have never seen an alien. But remember, I chased neutrons and gamma rays for a lot of years as a physicist and never saw one of them either. In fact, I’ve never seen Tokyo, but I’m convinced it’s there”. Join JT on The Paranormal Son as his discusses this astounding case from 1967, out now!

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