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JT's December consumption

JT’s consumption for December

Wow, it has been a barnburner of a last month I can tell you friends, I have just been on my feet and staying one step ahead of the game, but only just…….

So here is my consumption for the last month or so, although I have had less time than usual Ive still enjoyed all of these


Zen Sammich

I heard of Mark’s program less than a week ago but its amazing! Mark is (currently) doing short “bite sized” episodes on life and incorporating a zen concept in each episode. Mark is well spoken, grounded and a great person so make sure you check it out (I will be following it closely, I am listening to the latest show now!).

The Old 77 podcast

As most of you know, I lost my job at the begging of 2020 and one of the things I no longer get to experience is “office banter” or “water cooler” chats That is very much the style of TO77 and its awesome. Matt, Dave and Scott have all been super supportive and kind to me and my ventures and they do an awesome show by all means check it out!

Forum Borealis

I have been listening to Forum Borealis for around 4-5 years and it never disappoints. Al covers all kinds of things under the sun and of real interest, one of the programs taglines is “Paradigm expansion” and it is a fitting description, you can go down any number of rabbit holes from this excellent longform program.


Content Pages

None really this month I just haven’t had the time check back in January

But I have started a group for TPS on Facebook, you can join us here :



None really this month I just have not had the time check back in January



None really this month I just haven’t had the time check back in January, I’ve really failed to have much “JT time” as of late



A close friend of the show suggested I should create playlists I can highlight that I have been listening to while creating and editing the program, I dont quite have that up to scratch (and I will have to teach this old dog a trick or two) but I have mainly been listening to older music, the main two tracks that would be the theme for the month are both Neil Young tracks, "Cortez the Killer" and "Powderfinger"


Aside from that I have been enjoying our warmer season, I hope that no matter where you are life is good and you are happy!

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