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Upcoming schedule for the rest of 2020 on The Paranormal Son

Here is the upcoming already scheduled content for the rest of the year (I can already tell you there will be some bonus content coming out not listed here, mainly breaking news like the monolith episodes)

All dates are US

December 8th : Hangar18Radio Attacks!! this is an amazing interview (more a discussion) I had with Russ from Hangar18radio. We covered everything from ancient aliens and WW2 to 9/11 and Covid (but we did keep it tame). Lots of cool easter eggs in this episode as I continue to learn how to have fun with post production.

December 15th : Another intersting UFO case, I dont want to spoil it for you but it was before 1965 and overseas (not US). Considered by many of UFOlogies heavy hitters as one of the best close encounter cases ever

December 22nd : Interview (but also interactive) something I have not really delved into for The Paranormal Son yet, this was really an eye opener for me and has led to some awesome upcoming announcements you wont want to miss December 30 or 31 (undecided on release date : Harkening back to the days of Art Bell and the "golden years" of C2C TPS will be having a 2021 prediction show.

Listeners (and anyone for that matter) are encouraged to submit predictions for reading 2 rules, 1) No assasination predictions (I dont need to cap off the tirefire of 2020 with a visit from men in trenchcoates) 2) up to 3 predictions per person

I dont know the cutoff for predictions just yet (finalizing recording dates) but the planned format is a panel (me and two guests) we will read predictions on air, cover our own and they will go into the "Tower Studios vault" for review next NYE you can send predictions on SM or directly here

Its going to be a fun next few weeks and I am sure you will find value in much of what is headed your way!

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