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Colares Brazil, 1977

What happened to the isolated community of Colares, a small city in the Amazonia region of Brazil in 1977?

Hundreds of people saw strange lights and craft in the sky, many saw them entering or exiting the waters of rivers and the ocean.

Mass hallucination? Maybe if so why did people in a 400km region many of them separated and not in communication experience such similar sightings.

Oh, did I forget to mention that these people reported being attacked by beams of light that paralysed and burned them and that at least 80 of them sought medical treatment?

You may not be convinced, but the Brazilian military government was, enough so that it sent officers to study and record anything they could find for 4 months and then acted as if it never happened.

Join JT on the latest episode of The Paranormal Son where he discusses this intriguing case from Brazil, as always you decide what to believe.

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