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The 2006 O'Hare UFO sighting

Skeptics of UFO's often state that "they never appear in a large populated area, its always in the desert or somewhere sparsely populated."

What happens when one appears in such a populated area as say an international airport? What about when its the buisest airport in the USA at the time?

12 ground and maintinence crew and also management saw something strange hovering over such a location in 2006, were they all huffing aviation fuel? Was it a "weather phenomenon" or a secret military craft?

This is a photo of one of the witnesses description of the craft drawn by a police sketch artist in 2007, the 12 airport crew members had over 150 years experience at the airport and were well versed with any of the mundane explanations proffered by "experts" such as lights reflecting off clouds.

as 1 witness stated "I worked from 2pm- 12am for over 10 years at O'hare, I am pretty damned certain I know what runway lights look like, they arent grey, they dont hover several hundred feet below the clouds, and they dont spin like a top."

Its often conviently ignored by debunkers that at the time of this sighting those same lights that many blame for the sighting were not even turned on.......

Episode is out now

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